Down Another Path

Published 2004. This simple parable explores the spiritual journey to recovery. It is a creative, entertainng and inspirational story about four characters who live in the forest and look for "Fruit" or "Sweets" to bring about success and fulfillment in their lives. These characters will take you on a journey from addiction to recovery in a way that you will never forget.

Transforming Vampires

Published 2014. The sequel to Down Anpother Path continues as an all but forgotten threat returns to the forest with the power to destroy lives. It appears that nothing can stand against the terror that rules the night, until one young Papling discovers an ancient scroll containing the legendary process for changing the unchageable. This saga will inspire and empower anyone seeking to make a difference in the lives of those held captive by addiction.

Power To Grow: Get Milk!

Published 2008. Coming out of addiction is a blessing within itself and a birth of sorts--especially if that birth is a spiritual one. However, too many born into recovery suffer from a failure to strive. In essence, they fail to grow. This book will provide the needed Biblical nutrition for the believer to drink. After absorbing it, the reader will understand and be enabled to grow successful. This easy to understand book is based on the six (6) basic Biblical principles of Christianity.


Published 2012. This powerful book is an educational and empowering message from God. It is sent to encourage anyone struggling to break free from the captivity of substance addiction. An uncanny comparision is made between the Prodigal Son, and Sampson (the Strongest man ever to walk the earth). This book is literally a Biblical guide to spiritual recovery. If you or someone you know has fallen due to substances, this book will empower you to Arise!

The Pastor's Dirt

Published 2012. The biography of Pastor Karious McDaniel, told by his son. Karell tells an intriguing story of survival and triumph. He takes you from the snake infested cotton fields of the south, to the sinfilled pews of the church. Along the journey a path is plowed of murder, theft, betrayal and treachery. But dispite the hardships God made a way, through the Pastor's Dirt, to fulfill a promise He made to a 16 year old kid in Arkansas.

To learn more about addiction, recovery and spiritual growth, please consider purchasing one or more of these powerful books written by Karell T. McDaniel.

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