‚ÄčCommunity Mental Health Chaplain

Community Mental Health Chaplain

We exist "to comfort the afflicted while meeting the spiritual needs of individuals with mental health and substance use disorders." 

  • We visit the sick who are diagnosed with mental health and substance use disorders in jails, hospitals and at home.
  • We serve as educators of mental health and spiritual health issues to the faith and treatment community.
  • We shape, form and educate caring congregations to welcome and support individuals and families affected by mental health and substance use disorders.
  • We communicate messages of spiritual recovery & wellness.
  • We provide messages guided by liturgy of the Christian faith tradition.
  • We find where people are to accompany and guide them back under the spiritual umbrella.

We believe "no one should have to choose between Faith and Recovery." 

Our clergy engage in the real work of recovery which includes helping and individual reintegrate him - herself into the faith community.

We provide spiritual support to individuals and communities, faith communities are ideally situated to help solve the problem, through prevention, intervention, and recovery support.