Our Spiritual Recovery & Wellness Program is a comprehensive faith-based outreach program funded by the Cuyahoga County Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board to respond to the Faith-based Outreach Committee's Action Plan approved 2013. The program focuses on three of the four central issues. The three issues are:

Issue 1: To increase the awareness and understanding of mental health/addiction in the faith community and to address societal stigma surrounding the illness. We achieve this through our Let’s Talk Mental Health (Congregational awareness Campaign)​.

Issue 2: To educate the faith community about mental health/addiction in order to help the congregation and the overall community. We achieve this through the Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) for Clergy and other Spiritual Caregivers.

Issue 3: To incorporate spirituality as a component of treatment. We achieve this through our Spiritual Intervention Program.

Spiritual Recovery & Wellness Program