Issue 3: To incorporate spirituality as a component of treatment

Spiritual Intervention Program

We provide an eight (8) week (90-minute session per week) psychoeducational faith-based client education series, which will be held at Front Step Housing Services. A client is eligible for admission into the Spiritual Intervention Program if he/she acknowledges a religious/spiritual orientation, and completes a Spiritual Assessment. Our curriculum is designed to focus on and address matters of the heart, which are often overlooked in mental health and substance abuse treatment. Substance users tend to be passionate about pursuing their drug of choice. However, when people decide they no longer want to use alcohol or other drugs, they rarely pursue recovery with anything that resembles passion. The goal of this group is to “communicate the importance of spirituality and the practice of religion in recovery.” We will also encourage clients to use churches, mosques, and synagogues as resources for recovery. This group is designed to incorporate spirituality as a component of treatment. Classes and services will be provided in participating network behavioral health centers.Type your paragraph here.