An Affiliate of Life Recovery Ministries (Located  3558 Lee Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44120)

Our Mission: We exist to provide a faith community for people in recovery and overcoming hurts, hang-ups and habits.

(1 Chronicles 17: 9

The Recovery Church 


The Recovery Church is neither a typical church ministry nor a twelve-step program, and although we draw from both traditions, we seek to embody the spirit of God while promoting the practice of faith in recovery.  

  • Our Worship Services - Sundays evening @ 7pm
  • Our Higher Power - Jesus Christ
  • Our Bible - The Life Recovery Bible
  • Our Pastor - Rev. Karell T. McDaniel, LICDC-CS (Assisting recovering people for over 35 years)
  • Our Preaching Schedule - moves you biblically through the 12 Steps, from Salvation towards Activation, in twelve months.
  • Our Spiritual Growth Strategy - systematically prepares our committed members for effective ministry.
  • Our Passion - To welcome and support individuals and families affected by hurts, hang-ups and habits.

  • We also sign meeting sheets

We offer

  • Sunday evening worship,
  • Fellowship, and
  • Service opportunities

There are support meetings held at our location each week.

  • AA Meeting (Free At Last)
  • Open Heart Healthy Minds